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View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. The entire clump may be killed if the rot is not checked.

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The bacteria which cause the rot are present in most soils, but only attack through injuries. Usually serious only under warm, humid conditions. Control: Often can be checked by cutting o£E the afiFected "toe" or by scraping out the rotted tissue and drenching with a 1 to solution of bi-chloride of mercury 1 8-grain tablet to a pint of water or a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate.

Emedicine human papillomavirus.

Control of iris borers see below is important since rot bacteria may enter through borer injuries. Be sure that the plants receive plenty of ventilation and sunlight tis Rot or Wiiriter Rot The rhizome is covered with an olive or black felt-like fungus growth. Little or no new spring growth develops and the plant dies. Roots and parts of the rhizome may be rotted.

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Control: Ranove all diseased "toes" and soak remaining divisions 5 to 10 minutes in calomel suspension 1 oz. Use only light midches and remove them early.

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Rhizomes not attacked. Spores spread by splashed water.

Very common in rainy areas. Control: Remove all infected leaves and cut back green leaves below infections in the fall; bmrn this material.

Spray or dust thoroughly with a zineb- containing mixture about once a week as long as active leaf growth continues. The composition of pesticide sprays and dusts is always printed on the label.

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Irregular brown spots with water-soaked margins on leaves. Bacteria spread by splashed water. Sporadic in occurrence; serious only in wet seasons. Control: Remove and bum infected leaves.

Scorch Leaves turn reddish brown and die back. Center leaves often affected first Entire top growth may die down but rhizome not visibly affected- In late stages the fleshy parts of the roots rot, leaving only the central core and the outer sheatii or "skin.

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Affected plants sometimes "recover" when aU old roots are removed and rhizome is thoroughly dried before replanting. Scorch is sporadic in occurrence, but may occasionally cause serious losses. Iris Borer. First appears as small holes and tunnels in leaves running down toward rhizome.

Later, the borer may enter the rhizome, eating away much of the tissue and often providing entry prostate cancer screening age jamaica soft rot bacteria.

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Eggs laid in fall by the adult a moth in old iris refuse and in the soil near iris plants. Control: Remove and bum all old iris leaves and other debris in faU or early spring to reduce carry-over of eggs. Spray or dust foliage weekly in spring and early summer with mixture containing DDT, malathion and zineb for ftmgus leaf spot.

Above information on Culture of Iris is by William G. McGarvey and that on Fests and Diseases by Dr. Healthy, growing rhizomes are separated from old bloomstalks and weak, wornout portions discarded.

Wash rhizomes thoroughly before replanting. Best time to do this is July, August or early Sept. Before planting a new bed of Iris, dig in plant food and cultivate well. When ready to plant, dig two slanting holes, leaving a dividing ridge in the center.

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Place the rhizome direct- ly over the center of the ridge and spread the feeding roots to either side, so the plant is se- curely anchored. Pull dirt towards plant from either side. By pressing on top of root, proper planting depth prostate cancer screening age jamaica be regulated.

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